Review: Meredith Music Festival 2015. Father John Misty, Harvey Sutherland ... Tame Impala made Trevor a nefarious character in a bizarre love triangle and he was felled by Kevin Parker's sniper synth in The Less I Know The Better. But Blake Scott had got in a year earlier, choosing ol' mate Trev as the villain in Carol by Peep

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter ... and Umami Salty is isosceles triangle bits on your tongue, Bitter is "spherical, smooth, scalene and small," while sour is "large in its atoms, but rough, angular and not spherical." And that's it, said Democritus. Everything we taste is some combination of

Silent Hill Models The New Fall Collection Scalene triangles? Man's inhumanity to man? might infringe on some Konami IP. But I doubt there's any risk of brand confusion when you're dealing with these kinds of products. Of course it begs for a high concept explainer, but as I'm out of my depth